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Monday, April 23, 2012

Well I did it.  I trained for 8 weeks & I ran my first 5k.  Was it fun? No.  Am I still running?  No.  Do I still hate running?  Yes.  But I did it- 3.1 miles--complete!  My friend, Faren, loves to run; so when I told her that I was training for a 5k, she said let's register for a race.  It must have been God's plan because that following Sunday at church they announce that Houston's First was hosting the Aid Sudan 5K to be held the first weekend in April...almost exactly 8 weeks to the day that I started training---God's timing, God's plan.  So every morning for 8 weeks I got up & ran---quoting Bible verses, singing of God's great love, & praying that I didn't die in the process.

The week of the race was great, until Thursday came along---sore throat & excruciating back pain.  Off to the dr I went-not the flu, not strep-let it run it's course.  Friday came-throat felt better but I could barely walk because my back was hurting so bad.  Off to the orthopedic spine dr----xrays taken---my L5 & S1 are fused together.  I'm one of the 5% of population that was born this way & was just finding it out at the age of 28.  Dr. cleared me to run & told me to live with it.

Saturday came & I took my fair share of Ibuprofen & ran.  Thank God for Faren.  I wouldn't have made it to the finish line without her. My back held up (Praise the Lord) & we crossed that finish line with a smile on our faces! We did it!


  1. Congrats! So glad you conquered it. I would rather dance than run ANY day!! :)

    1. you & me both!!! :) but thanks! i'm glad it's over!

  2. Yeah for you, Ashley! You certainly didn't quit on that! Very proud of you!


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