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Ministry of Motherhood-Week 4

Monday, June 13, 2011

"Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing.  My brothers, this should not be." -James 3:10

As we entered into Week 4 of Ministry of Motherhood, I found it really hard to relate to what the discussions were about.  As a mother of a 5 month old, I haven't dealt with discipling my daughter yet.  But this week gave me a lot to think about.  The verse above, James 3:10, really hit home this week.  In her book, Sally talked about how we spoke to our children and the words we said about them.  Would the children hear praise coming from their parent's mouths about them or would they hear words that tore them down?  Right now, I can tell you that there isn't too many negative things to say about my precious 5 month old, besides that her poo stinks really bad, or that she is pretty grumpy while teething.  But I know those days of being annoyed by them will come.

Sally's words and this verse hit home with me this week about my husband.  I get irritated with him, lose my patience with him, like so many of us do.  My thought this week---will my children hear negative things about my husband coming from my mouth?  Or would I be the wife that waited until the time was right to speak to my husband about whatever it is that's bothering me?

My prayer this week is that I am a wife and mother who lifts both my children and husband up with my words and not tear them down.

Sizzling Summer

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

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Tuesdays at Bubby's

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am so blessed to have such amazing in-laws.  Every Tuesday my mother & father-n-law, Bubby and Papa Tom, keep the grandkids.  It's such a blessing to me to have a few hours in the week to myself and to be able to get some errands done.  Here are a few pictures from this week at Bubby's! 

Emma & Cousin Max

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