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Our First (horrible) Date

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Today is mine & my wonderful hubby's 4th anniversary.  4 years, 1 house, 2 kids, lots of arguments, making up, late night chats, dinners, hunting trips, fishing trips & a whole lotta love!

Many have asked for it, so here it is.....the story of us & our horrible first date.

Matt & I met a little over 5 years ago.  I worked with his cousin, Rachel.  Her & I had this genius idea of starting a weekly happy hour with some of our friends.  Rachel brought Matt's sister, Grace, to our happy hour & we all become instant friends.  Somewhere along the way Matt was invited to our happy hour.  No, it wasn't love at first sight...not even like at first sight.  He was obnoxious-loud & obnoxious.  The first time we met was a Blanco's.  He walked in, introduced himself & then told his sister that he wanted to go to Lizard's Pub because he didn't like Blanco's.  Our second meeting was at Little Woodrow's.  Our little group sat quietly by the pool tables chatting & people watching.  A Hank Williams Jr. song came on & Matt begins to sing loudly....really loudly with the biker table sitting next to us. My thoughts---get me out of here, this guy is too much.  Now, don't get me wrong, Matt was a nice guy, a gentleman, but loud & he really craved attention. (I think it has something to do with him being the middle child).   A few months later at our weekly happy hour we sat at the bar together waiting for our drinks & he said, "Ash, we should go out sometime."  My first thought was, yea, let's get a group together & all go out, but wait....we do that every week.  I think he could see the confusion on my face & said, "like on a date." hahaha!  I told him okay, hoping that he had had enough to drink to not remember.  No such luck--he called me a few days later to set up our date.

Thankfully he picked me up on time & opened the car door for me.  We made our way to Goode Company Seafood for a little dinner before the Astros game.  He was really excited that we were going to the game, because he got great tickets from a vendor at work. Anyways, the car ride to dinner was pretty much small talk & silence.
"How was your day?"
"Where are we going to dinner?"
"Good Company Seafood.  Do you like seafood?"
"Yes, that's fine."
(Now remember, the only time we had hung out we had had a few drinks in us & friends around so conversations usually just flowed fine.)

We ordered dinner & I had to get a drink in order to make it through our short boring conversations & silence.  The only thing I remember from dinner besides the fact that my food was great was Matt telling me I had to eat my empanada.  Huh? Maybe I don't like empanadas.  I do & I ate it, but what if I didn't like them.

Now we were off to the Astros game. Just great, because I really wanted to sit in the Texas heat with some guy that hardly spoke at dinner for 9 innings. We had great seats...really great & yes I was impressed.  5 rows up behind the Astros dugout.  And again, the conversation was little to nothing.  Luckily, we had some interesting fellas sitting next to us, so at least we had a few things to talk about.   Sometime during the course of the game we both texted our BFF's (do guys call their best friends BFFs?) & let them know that the date wasn't going so great....that it was horrible.

He dropped me off at my apartment & I was so thankful that it was over.  I called my mom to tell her how awful it was & her response, "Well honey, it's not like you have to marry him. It was one date.  Now you have a new friend."  Yea, mom, now it's not going to be a awkward at all when we are at  happy hour together, much less if he asks me out again.  And geez, I really liked Rachel & Grace, this was totally going to screw up our little friendship.

Now is the part when everyone asks---well how did y'all end up getting married?

He got lucky I guess! ;)  The following weekend our little happy hour group was getting together at Matt's lake house for Matt & Grace's birthday (they're twins) & I was invited b/c Grace really was one of my good friends.  I was very hesitant about going, in fact, I almost back out last minute.  Instead, I put my big girl panties on & went.

Thankfully that weekend wasn't so awkward.  Matt threw me off the jet ski, we ate crawfish, had some ice cream & something changed.  And I can't tell you what, but by the end of the weekend I knew there was something special about him.  I invited him over for dinner that Sunday night (fried backstrap, mashed potatoes, sweet tea---he was hooked) & we've been inseparable ever since.  One month later we talked about being married.  2 months later he asked my parents & 3 months later he proposed to me at his ranch.  And the rest is history.

(After he proposed.)

Happy 4th Anniversary, babe!  I'm so thankful for our horrible first date!!!  I love you!

Brady Allen Moore

I'm only about 3 months late with this post--forgive me.

Brady Allen Moore
April 3, 2013
8lbs. 2 ozs.
21 inches of perfection

Everything on d-day went great.  We arrived at the hospital that morning around 5:30, admitted, put on that sexy hospital gown, answered a ton of questions & then off the the OR we went.  C-section was textbook & our sweet little boy is perfect!

 (this sign says bady....that's how emma pronounced his name for the first few weeks!)

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