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EEEKKKK!!!! Big Announcement!

Friday, September 28, 2012

We are pregnant!!! Baby Moore is due April 10th! 

 E doesn't really get it just yet, however she knows that there is a baby in mommy's tummy & sometimes she claims there is one in hers! (slow down sister) :)  The Mr. & I are super excited & a few short months we will be parents of 2 kiddos---CRAZY!  

This pregnancy has been so different than my first.  Only been sick a few days, but EXHAUSTED.  I mean, like falling asleep everyday while E naps & then again at 6:30pm...and then not wanting to get out of bed before 7am.  E has moved to a toddler bed (that's a post all in itself) & is up between 5:30-6:30am....not working for this sleepy momma!  One day I will feel rested-at least I hope, but until then, I will continue my naps & saying my prayers because the good Lord has truly blessed us.  

Happy Friday yall!  (yawn...taking a nap starting NOW!)

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