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Baby Food Galore

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

B-man has started eating food.  Seriously, where does time go?  I can't believe he is already 4&1/2 months & that the Dr. gave us the go ahead with baby food.  With E, I made all of her baby food--call me crazy or whatever you want, but I just wanted to make sure I knew everything that was going into her sweet little body.  With little man, I wanted to do the same.  Plus, making your own food is a lot cheaper than buying it!! My MIL had both kids one day last week, so I did my shopping & spent roughly 3 hours making 3 months worth of food....YES, 3 months!  Super easy!

The Menu (Grocery list at the bottom of the post)

  • Apple-Carrot

  • Sweet Tater, Apple & Cinnamon

  • Zucchini & Banana

  • Broccoli, Apple, & Kale

  • Peach & Kale

  • Butternut Squash

  • Peas

  • Blueberries

I bought this handy little steamer from Target.  Best $30 I spent.  It helped to quickly steam the veggies, while I was working on different batches of food.


Cut & core & peel 1-2 apples.  Steam apples along with 3 carrots.  Blend until smooth.  Add water or breast milk to thin for desired consistency.

Sweet Potato, Apple, Cinnamon

Skin & cut 1 sweet potato. Cut, core & skin 1 apple.  Steam sweet potato & apple until soft.  Add a dash of cinnamon & then blend apple, sweet potato & cinnamon until smooth.  Add water or breast milk to thin to desired consistency.

Zucchini & Banana

Skin 3 zucchinis & steam until soft.  Peel 2 bananas.  Put steamed zucchini & bananas in blender.  (To keep from having the bananas brown add a tsp of lemon juice).  Blend.  Add water or breast milk to thin to desired consistency.

Broccoli, Apple & Kale

Steam 1/2 bag of frozen broccoli. Skin, cut, core, & steam 1 apple.  Steam 1/2 bag of kale or 1-2 leaves of fresh kale.  Once steamed add to blender & blend until smooth.  Add water or breast milk to thin to desired consistency.

Peach & Kale

Skin, core & steam 3-4 peaches.  Steam 1-2 leaves of kale or 1/2 bag of frozen kale.  Add both to blender & blend until smooth.  Add water or breast milk to thin to desired consistency.

Butternut Squash

Skin & steam 1 butternut squash.  Blend until smooth.  Add water or breast milk to thin to desired consistency.


One bag of thawed blueberries, add 1-2 cups of water & blend.


One bag of thawed peas, add water & blend.

Once I blended a batch I would pour them into ice cube trays & freeze. Once they are frozen solid, pop them out & put them in baggies.  Be sure to label them & include the date.

My MIL bought me this fancy little Infantino Squeeze Station.  It was great too!  Once I ran out of ice cube trays I poured the baby food into the squeeze station.  It worked great--easy to use, easy to clean.  These little pouches will be great once we start traveling in the Fall.

And now this is what part of our freezer looks like!

Right now, B is only eating one pouch a day or 2-3 ice cubes.  Each night I put whatever food I want in the fridge to defrost.  I also add oatmeal or rice cereal & thawed breast milk once the food is thawed.  Now we are set for the next 3 months!! :)

Want to make this too?  Here is your grocery list

4 apples

3 large carrots

1 sweet potato

1 butternut squash

3 zucchini

2 bananas

4 peaches

1 bag of frozen blueberries

1 bussel of kale or 1 bag of frozen kale

1 bag of frozen broccoli

1 bag of frozen peas

Foodie Friday: Not Your Momma's Chicken Salad

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hey y'all! I'm about to share with you the most fabulous chicken salad that I've ever put in my mouth.  I'm not much a chicken salad fan....there is always too much mayo for my liking.  And I don't like chicken salad with nuts or grapes in it. Eww!   My MIL made this chicken salad  a few years ago for a shower & I just couldn't stop eating it.  I have no clue where the original recipe came from. My mother in law assured me it wasn't hers.  I wish I could take ALL the credit for it. I made a few changes to it for my taste, so I guess it's my recipe now! Go make it & try not to eat it all in one sitting!

Not Your Momma's Chicken Salad


5 garlic cloves, minced

2 skinless chicken breasts, roasted & diced***

1/2 cup & 2 TBL mayonnaise

1/4 cup celery, chopped fine

1/2 TBL green onion, chopped fine

3-5 TBL basil leaves, chopped

Juice of one large lemon

salt & pepper to taste


**For the chicken breast-you can by a rotisserie chicken at the store & use it.  You can roast your own or you can cook the chicken breasts in the crock pot (which is what I did).  Crock pot chicken is too easy---add chicken breast with 2 cups of chicken broth, salt, pepper, garlic powder to crock pot & let it cook for 4 hours on HIGH or 6-8 hours on LOW.

In a bowl, combine mayo, lemon juice, celery & green onion.  In a separate bowl, take chicken from crockpot & shred (or take your diced chicken) & gently fold in the basil.  Pour mayo mixture on top of chicken & basil & gently combine.  Add salt & pepper to taste.


TWB: Getting to Know You Link Party

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Texas Women Bloggers

Today I'm linking up with all the wonderful ladies who are apart of Texas Women Bloggers.  I joined the group earlier this month & I'm so excited to get to know all of the women involved in this community.

So pull up a chair & let's chat....

1. What part of Texas do you call home?

I am a Native Texan & so proud of it. There are 3 places I consider home in Texas. First off,  I grew up in the little town of Crandall, just south east of Dallas (and when I say small, well we still don't have a red light in town).  I am a member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2006, so College Station was home to me for 4+ years.  And after graduation I moved to Houston, where I've been for the past 6 years & plan to stay until we can retire.
2. How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging a little over 3 years.

3. Why did you start blogging?
When I got pregnant with my daughter I started my blog.  I wanted to be able to update my family that lived out of town on our pregnancy & then on our little family.  Obviously over the years, the blog has evolved & changed as my life has.

4. When we visit your blog, what can we expect to discover?
You are going to get a lot of different things. Currently my blog is getting a makeover, so it's a little bare right now. But you will see lots of pictures of my kiddos & our life here in Houston & at our ranch. I love to cook, so I try to share recipes that our family loves.  I love to create & decorate, so DIY posts. Baby product reviews (mostly non-sponsored reviews), my faith, random rants, really, whatever is on my name it, I'll probably share it! :)

5. How did you come up with your Blog Title and what is its meaning?
I knew with our blog title I wanted to stick with my roots.  I grew up in the country. I love being in the country & getting dirty.  Our family spends a lot of time at our ranch.  I love to cook & when you are from the South everything is fried. So This Country Fried Life just came about.  Now that we have two kids, it still fits perfectly, because we will be raising our kids in the city, but with a love for the country life.

6. What do you love about being part of Texas Women Bloggers?
I just became apart of this group this month, but I'm looking forward to connecting with other ladies around the state!

7. Who inspires you to blog?

My family.  I love being able to write about our lives & things that are going on--the good & the bad.  Now that I'm reading more mom blogs, I'm inspired by their blogs.  It's nice to know that there are others going through the same every day battles as you, and I want to be able to share my experiences with other moms, because you never know who might need a little pick me up!

8. If you could pick a favorite blog post from this past year, what would it be?
This year was a big year for us because of the birth of our son.  I didn't blog as much as I did during my pregnancy with him, as I did with my daughter, so the post about his birth is my favorite.  It's amazing how a little boy can grab your heart.

I hope you got to know a little about me.  Now it's your turn, answer one of the above questions in the comments for all of us to read!

Getting to Know You Link Party with the Texas Women Bloggers

SAHM vs Working Mom: Let's Get on the Same Team

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Over the past few weeks my FB feed has been filled with status updates from SAHM's complaining because a working mom has commented on how nice it would be if they could stay at home & "do nothing all day."  As a SAHM, I take much offense to that statement, whether it's coming from a working mom, working dad, or from anyone in general.  I've also heard from working moms that say they feel like SAHM judge them for going to work & leaving their children in day care.  We are all moms & it's a hard job, whether you do it full time or not.  I just don't understand why we can't all get on the same team?

I always say that I've been blessed by the fact, that our family is financially stable enough for me to be able to stay at home with my kids.  Before my husband & I even started thinking about having kids, he let me know that once we had children, he wanted me to quit working and stay at home.  I was fine with this, because it was the same way I was raised.  When my daughter arrived, I was overjoyed with the thought that I get to be with her 24/7, but I had no clue how hard of a job it was to be a SAHM.  No, I don't stay in my pjs all day, eat bon bons, & watch reality tv.  I take my job as a SAHM seriously.  God has put me in charge of these two precious babies & has given me the job to mold their hearts & minds.   My day begins around 6 & doesn't end until I lay down at night & some nights it doesn't end--there may be a child to comfort after a bad dream, a paci to be put back in, throw up to clean up, or a dirty diaper to change. Our day is filled with smiles, tears, disciplining, cooking, cleaning, laundry, spilt milk, sticky fingers, glitter on the floor, playing pretend, coloring, reading books. We go on field trips to the park, museum, zoo, aquarium.  I plan activities to do with my children. I wear spit up most days.  Most of my meals consist of goldfish & whatever else is left over on my child's plate.  I say "no" more times than I can count.  I repeat myself at least 3x with each set of instructions.  Each day has it's own challenges, triumphs & failures--and I'm so thankful for God's grace in this journey. But at the end of each day I'm exhausted---I physically & mentally give 110% to my children.  Please don't EVER make the remark that all SAHM's do is "do nothing all day."

I know not everyone is able to stay at home with their kids, & some don't want to. Some women love their jobs & can't imagine staying at home all day--and this doesn't mean they love their children any less. Kudos to those who manage to work all day outside the home & then come home & give their kids their best.  As a former teacher, I can't imagine working all day with kids & coming home & giving my best to my own children.

I think whatever you chose to do once you are a mom is your choice.  Whatever works best for your family & your children--that's all that matters. Whether you work or stay at home, being a mom is hard work and we should all be on the same team.  We should all be encouraging one another.  We should be in each other's corner & have each other's back.  Let's stop making these snide comments, let's get on the same team & support one another.

R+F Sunless Tanning Foam Giveaway

Monday, August 5, 2013

No, I'm not a beauty blogger.  I'm a mom. A mom who wants to look presentable with very little fuss, and when I find a product I love I want to share it with yall.  Have yall heard of Rodan & Fields? Of course you have, they are the dermatologists that created Proactive.  Besides Proactive, these doctors have created numerous lines of skin care products for different skin types.  I have been using the R+F Redefine line, which helps to prevent fine lines & wrinkles, for about 4 months.  Since I've been using it my skin has made some wonderful changes.  My skin is so smooth, almost as smooth as my 4 month old's bottom.  Using the Redefine line has helped clear up my complexion & revive my skin.  I may feel exhausted but I don't look it.  And my favorite part, I hardly have to wear any make up, which is great for this busy mom.  I've managed to only wear a tinted BB cream, blush & mascara all summer long!

Recently, R+F had a promo on their new sunless tanning foam.  It was such a good deal; I had to buy it & try it out.  I was a little hesitant when it arrived at my doorstep.  I was afraid I'd be streaked orange, but I took the plunge & tried it.  OMG y'all--it's amazing!!!  No orange streaks or awkward coloring at all.  It went on smoothly & evenly & the color was very subtle.  Take a look for yourself.

See, I told you it looked natural!

So when my super awesome cousin, Laura, approached me about doing a giveaway I was all game!  Laura is a new mom herself.  After being at home with her sweet baby girl for 5 months she decided she was ready to work part time & R+F's was a great fit, so she became a consultant.  She has a FABULOUS little gift for you....

  • First--enter below to win a bottle of the R+F Sunless Tanning Foam. Winner will be posted on the Rafflecopter on Monday, 8/12.

  •  Second---shoot Laura ( an email with your name & mailing address & she will send you a mini facial, which includes a microdermabrasion paste, night serum & lip serum for FREE!  YES, FREE!!! I told yall she was amazing!  Be sure to tell her I sent you!

For more info on all the R+F products or consultant opportunities, visit Laura here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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