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Day-18......11/18/99-Never Forget

Friday, November 18, 2011

Today I am thankful to be an Aggie. I say it often-going to Texas A&M was one of the best decisions that I've ever made in my life.  During those years in College Station, I made some of the best of friends, grew closer to friends that I grew up with, made the most incredible memories, and was able to know about "The Spirit can ne'er be told...."  I'm so proud to be apart of the Aggie family.  If you aren't an Aggie, you don't get it, you'll never get it, and that's okay.  You can think we are crazy, & I've heard many describe it  as "cult-like".  Say what you will, but you've never been apart of something so great & indescribable.

Every year on this day we, the Aggie family, remember those whose lives were taken & forever changed when the Bonfire collapsed.  And today is no different...

"There will never be a moment when we accept a loss so great.  There will never be a day when we are again willing to pay a price so high.  There will never be a November 18th that we do not stand in silence and feel emptiness. Their names and faces will never leave the hearts of those who knew them, or were here when tragedy struck, but now there is security that tomorrow will not forget them either.  They are history here, strong like the Century Tree, heavy like Muster, honorable like the Corps, Spirited like the Aggie Band, dedicated like the student body, and forever burning like the Bonfire they proudly built." -Jessica Cannon '06

11-18-99 | 2:42am 
We will never forget....

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  1. That day is engrained in my memory. I got back to my dorm (and I lived in Briggs on the quad) and a few friends were sitting outside talking so I stopped to talk. We had been out there about 20 minutes and we just heard sirens. We found out a few hours later what had happened and we rushed down there immediately. I will never forget the following days as it consumed everyone's thoughts, actions, prayers, etc. It was wonderful to see how the Aggie community (and really the entire state) came together to honor our fallen Aggies.


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