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Good News!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

For the past two mornings, I've gotten really dizzy and clammy, so I decided to head to the Dr. this morning to make sure everything is going on okay.  We just got back from the Dr. I don't have gestational diabetes, so I'm creating enough insulin, but my body gets rid of the sugars in my food really rapidly, which causes my blood sugar level to drop-I'm conditional hypoglycemic.  The Dr. says I need to eat more smaller meals throughout the day.

Now for the REALLY good due date has been moved!!! Baby Emma's new arrival date is now December 21st, the day after my birthday, and the day of the Moore Christmas party.  Ever since I found out I was having a December baby I told the mother-in-law that she would probably ruin the party, well not ruin, but interrupt it!  So here is a 31 week picture...

We are off to Crandall this weekend for Miss Emma's first shower!  I'm so excited about seeing all of my friends and family back at home.  It should be a great weekend!!! I hope you & yours have a wonderful one too!


  1. Yay!!! You are looking incredible!!!

  2. Liz, thanks so much! You are too sweet!

    Ash-I can't wait to see you & all of your progress!! :)


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