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The Yellow Water Jug

Friday, March 12, 2010

I wrote this a few years ago about my maw maw & paw paw, and just thought I'd share it with you. 

The Yellow Water Jug

The yellow water jug
holds the cold Scurry water.
The Scurry water
is used to make Maw Maw's sweet tea.
The sweet tea
which we drink over long conversations on the back porch.
The back porch
holds precious memories of my childhood.
My childhood,
when I made mud pies and played "ouchie awchie" with Maw & Paw.
Maw & Paw, 
who taught me about life, love, and sweet country music. 
The music
fills the house where the yellow water jug stays.  


  1. I like this! Grandparents are sooo special!

  2. your title is so cute! great pic of you and matt in hawaii! have a wonderful weekend!


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