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Monday, November 18, 2013

We spent our weekend at the ranch.  It was so relaxing, except for the part where our kids didn't sleep through the night. They were both up at 5am on Saturday morning.  We wore them out though & hopefully this week, we get back on our normal schedule.  

Emma was excited to see the red deer, help Papa  move the cows to a different pasture, fish, ride the Ranger & most of all hunt with her daddy.  

We are in the process of building a new house out on the ranch & one of the highlights of our weekend was checking out it's progress. It's coming right along.  It is going to be wonderful & I cannot wait to start decorating!  I have so many ideas!!! :) Emma loved climbing the scaffolding (scared her daddy to death)!

She also has a thing for getting corn at all the feeders & filling her pockets with it.  The girl doesn't mind getting dirty.  I love that she loves it out here! 

We really had a great weekend.  The city is good, but the open pastures, clean air, & slow living are what we love the most. 

Hope you had a great one too!!  

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