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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's been a while, blog friends!  Here is the short version.....

Potty training went great, followed by an ear infection & Thanksgiving.  My dad had some heart issues early in December, which resulted in open heart surgery right before Christmas.  He's recovering very well.  Then there was a month full of Christmas celebrating & also all of my family's birthdays are in December, so birthday celebrations too (mine included). Emma just turned 2 (one day I'll post about her bday on her blog) & we are now just getting back into our normal routine---thank goodness!

Baby Moore is doing great.  We are 27 weeks & go in next week to put our csection on the calendar--CRAZY!  We finished putting his room together, just waiting for his bedding to arrive.  I'm in love with it. Maybe one day before he is born I'll get pictures posted.

If you haven't already, go check out my 30 Before 30 list.  My friend, Kat over at The Road Goes on Forever, decided to create 30 Before 30 lists.  And no, I haven't even started thinking about accomplishing any of them, except for #2. And yes, I still need two more things to add to my list.  With the hubby heading out to the ranch this weekend maybe I'll get a plan together, or maybe I'll lay around all weekend & watch movies with my sweet toddler!

Hope 2013 has been great for everyone so far!  Here's to a new year!!!

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  1. Woo hoo, I love your list! Mine is still missing like....3 things I think, if that makes you feel any better. I figure I should cross a couple things off the list first before I worry about adding new items. haha! Can't wait to see your face this weekend!!!


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