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Quilting Madness

Thursday, July 1, 2010

If you read my blog about my summer plans, you'll be glad to know that I am working on my quilt.  Aunt Janet has been so gracious to spend two full days teaching me her quilting ways & now we have something that resembles a blanket!  It has been so wonderful getting to spend time with her & share life experiences, hear her quilting stories, and see her passion for what she does.  Yesterday she taught me how to master the sewing machine, and I'm proud to say that I did most of the quilt myself!  We have another few full days of working on it & it'll be done!!! I'm so excited!  Here is a picture of what I've gotten done so far, sorry it's blurry.  See the Mr. may have gone to Tech, but doesn't his face say that he loves A&M too?!?!  I think so!  

Would you pay for one?  Some people charge $300 plus for one of these quilts, but I'm thinking about making a few dollars on it.  Would you pay $150 for a t-shirt quilt with your shirts?  They would make a great gift!!! 


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